SHINSHU provides a broad range of legal support and consulting services, in addition to translation and interpretation. Most notable is Ms. Seat’s extensive experience in dealing with discovery disputes involving Japanese parties. After nearly two decades, Ms. Seat has an unparalleled ability to ascertain whether Japanese companies are doing a reasonable job of complying with American evidentiary requirements or need to go deeper. This is extremely valuable, both for law firms representing Japanese clients to stay out of trouble and for firms pursuing Japanese companies to gather all available evidence.

SHINSHU may also be able to assist in the following ways:

Assist in traveling to Japan and helping ensure depositions, negotiations and other meetings are successful. Help clients make the most of their free time during visits to Japan as well
Assist in obtaining special visas in order to take depositions in Japan; arrange for depositions in Japan by reserving facilities at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo or at U.S. Consulates in other major Japanese cities and scheduling necessary personnel.

Explain cultural differences and assist in communication so that intentions, “signals” and other subtleties are not missed.  For example, a noteworthy element often lost in interpretation is the degree of politeness expressed, which is clearly conveyed by the form of the Japanese words used.

Provide information and guidance on the basics and finer points of Japanese manners and business etiquette, from the Japanese style of exchanging business cards and bowing to the requirements of Japanese–style baths.
Provide English speaking contacts for assistance in Tokyo and other cities in Japan.
Provide background material on all aspects of Japan, from negotiating styles to customs and history from SHINSHU’s extensive library and resources on Japan.
Research or review Japanese websites, documents, books and periodicals for substantive information on key issues.
Interpret during telephone calls or meetings with Japanese parties.
Provide assistance or recommendations for obtaining comparable services in languages other than Japanese.

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