SHINSHU assists clients in quickly obtaining the maximum benefit from available Japanese documents. Using review and indexing techniques honed over many years, along with cutting-edge software, documents are handled efficiently and timely English translations of useful documents are provided. Using SHINSHU, Japanese documents can be reviewed and categorized rapidly by a bilingual attorney working with one or more Japanese translators, followed by full written translations of important documents, with certifications provided as needed. Understanding of the technology involved, commitment to accuracy and awareness of the context are as important to SHINSHU translators as their comprehensive knowledge of Japanese and English.

As an attorney, Ms. Seat is able to focus her translators on the relevant issues in the case and ensure an accurate assessment of the need for full written translations. While SHINSHU often works on larger matters, in a typical case Ms. Seat and a team of three Japanese translators generally can review, organize and determine the necessity for translation of 10,000 Japanese business and technical documents in less than two weeks. This method of initial review by a bilingual attorney and Japanese translators provides substantial savings of time (as well as money) compared to abstracting or translating every document, or simply entrusting this critical step to translators who are not legally trained.

SHINSHU often reviews the accuracy of English translations prepared by opposing parties in litigation and other situations requiring a high level of care. Special emphasis is placed on critical language and any necessary changes are noted. Ms. Seat has many years of experience in negotiating with opposing counsel to reach “agreed upon” translations, combining her knowledge of the linguistic issues involved with her awareness of the impact of alternate translations on the legal and factual issues.


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