BRENDA K. SEAT is a bilingual U.S. attorney with extensive litigation and negotiation experience. Ms. Seat developed the concept for SHINSHU while assisting in cases and negotiations involving Japanese parties and evidence. These experiences revealed a clear need for an organization which provides interpretation and translation, plus a broader range of legal support and consulting services dedicated to the special requirements of counsel involved in Japanese litigation and negotiations with Japanese participants.

Through work on federal litigation in courtrooms from New York to Los Angeles and numerous International Trade Commission cases, Ms. Seat has developed a thorough understanding of intellectual property law and trade issues. In addition, Ms. Seat has a deep awareness of the differences in American and Japanese business and negotiating styles and their practical implications.

SHINSHU enhances the quality of litigation and other legal representation involving Japan, and is remarkably cost effective. Overall translation costs are often reduced because of the efficiencies of SHINSHU’s methods of early sorting of documents and established teamwork. Ms. Seat brings together teams of skilled interpreters and translators according to the subject matter and timing requirements of the client. Supervision and review by a bilingual attorney keeps translators focused on the issues, increasing their efficiency and lowering costs, as well as increasing the accuracy and quality of review and translation. Rates are available upon request.

Ms. Seat lived in Japan for 16 years and named SHINSHU after the geographical area of her home near the Japan Alps. SHINSHU has been active on an ongoing basis since 1987.

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