SHINSHU SERVICES, INC.: Japanese Language Legal Support and Consulting is the premier organization providing Japanese language interpretation and translation, and related expert advice and legal support services, to leading law firms in the Washington, D.C. area and across the country over the
past two decades. As a lawyer-led organization, SHINSHU provides the extra measure of understanding that is often critical to favorable outcomes in litigation and negotiations involving Japanese parties, witnesses or documents.

The founder and head of SHINSHU is Brenda K. Seat, an American attorney with extensive litigation and negotiation experience who speaks Japanese flawlessly and lived in Japan for 16 years. As illustrated by the range of translations of the famous Japanese haiku shown above, translation is far from a mechanical process. SHINSHU uses teams of highly skilled Japanese interpreters and translators who have many years of experience interpreting complex legal matters and translating difficult technical materials, including patents, contracts and government documents. In addition, the organization has a wide range of contacts available for technical and specialized needs, both in the United States and Japan.

SHINSHU can enhance the quality of litigation, negotiation and other legal representation involving Japanese parties, witnesses or documents, with particular focus on:

Japanese document review and translation for litigation and negotiations
Depositions and trial testimony of Japanese parties, witnesses and experts
International meetings, cross-cultural communication, and other services

The uncertainties of litigation and negotiation are compounded when Japanese parties, language and culture are involved. Yet American counsel and negotiators generally have much less control or understanding of these important elements than other parts of their practice. SHINSHU offers the cross-cultural resources to enhance the quality of legal representation, while reducing the difficulties and uncertainties of dealing with Japanese parties, documents and witnesses.

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